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Russ Noonan and Chelsey Davisson, a father – daughter team are working together in their company, E&M Trailer Securement.

Russ recognized a problem with secured trailer doors when backing into loading docks, and he decided to find a solution. After hours of research and testing, Badger Safety Straps were developed.

Russ had reports of doors swinging straight back while backing in a sloped dock in the dark. The trailer door pushed in the dock overhead door and removed the trailer door, resulting in a large repair bill and insurance claim. Badger Safety Straps can prevent these types of situations from happening.

Badger Safety Straps are simple to install, easy to use and secure trailer doors.

Russ knows unsecure trailer doors can be costly. Door repair  shop rates are approximately $90.oo per hour and road services are $150.00 per hour. You can count on four hours to replace a door panel and hardware. 

When you add the cost of the replacement door, hardware, shop/repair, service call and time lost on the road – you easily could have a $1,500.00 repair bill. If any other damage is caused by an unsecure door, the cost could be higher.

US Patent Pending.

Owner Russell Davisson

Russell Noonan

Owner, E & M Trailer Securement

Russell Noonan

Owner, E & M Trailer Securement

Russ has been in the excavating and roll-off business for fifteen plus years, and driving trucks for twenty-five plus years. Russ is the owner and driving force behind the product, Badger Safety Straps.
Badger Safety Straps Chelsey Davisson

Chelsey Davisson

Chelsey Davisson

Chelsey, along with Russ, handle the day-to-day operation of Badger Safety Straps. Chelsey grew up around her father’s business and trucks. She is no stranger to the industry and her two young sons enjoy the trucking business, too.

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They fit on regular and refrigerated trailer doors. Refrigerated trailers have longer screws to fit the thickness of the door.

Yes, they come in two styles, removable and permanent.

No, they only come in safety orange for visibility.

Yes, mounting instructions are included in the shipment.

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